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Sorry for the lack of new content, we don’t have a specific reason as to why so here are several

  • A cool new video essay just came out on YouTube and we had to watch it

  • Turns out the creator who post the video essay has some other videos that are pretty interesting

  • Our cat was being cute, so we couldn’t ignore her and rubbed her tummy for too long

  • Last night as we tried to go to sleep, we came up with a new way to build a team in MLB Power Pros 2008 and played that all today

  • Today was the day we needed to complete that one video game from our childhood that we never could

  • We finally decided to go see a doctor about that thing that’s been bugging us for a year but the appointment was mid-day so we’d be rushed if we tried to do something before and we’d get home too late to be productive afterward

  • Our groupchat’s were overly active today

  • We woke up at 11:00 am, went on our phone for an hour, had breakfast at 12:30 pm, opened up the doc at 1:00 pm, and queued up some podcasts by 5:00 pm, we realized we had had focused too much on the pods and only written 50 words, by then our most productive hours were behind us and felt there wasn’t much point in continuing to write

  • Showcase was playing all the Mission Impossible movies again

  • We decided to pick up a book and read for the first time in months

  • We actually researched all day but only the first hour was topic related

  • We got up to refill our water bottle like 8 times today and couldn’t focus when we sat back down

  • Didn’t feel like it today

  • It was nice out today, so we went swimming


  • Sorry for the interruption, we want to make it clear we cherish y’all and want to deliver the best content we’re also human and can’t always keep to a schedule, just know that we’re almost always in the process of creating it


  • Twitter

  • Non-specific tv show binge

  • It’s the weekend we only sometimes work on weekends

  • Thought of a new layout for our house and have been imagining that for the past 3 hours, 50/50 gonna do it, actually more like 70/30

  • Bravo! was playing reruns of a procedural tv show we watched in our formative years and we were feeling nostalgic

  • We went on a walk today and that was enough to feel accomplished the rest of the day

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